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Millions of applicants apply for social security disability (SSDI) benefits in the United States every year. The Social Security Administration (SSA) decides whether to grant or deny an applicant benefits and—despite the large number of applications it receives—the SSA only grants benefits to approximately 30 percent of these applications.

Each case for social security disability benefits is unique, which means SSA representatives deny applications for numerous reasons. If the SSA has denied your application for disability benefits, you have options available and might benefit from contacting a Raleigh SSDI denial lawyer. A determined disability attorney could explain your legal rights and help you pursue the benefits you need.

The Need for Medical Evidence

Sometimes, SSA representatives deny disability applications due to a lack of definitive medical evidence supporting an applicant’s claim. To qualify for benefits, the applicant has the burden of proving that they cannot work as a result of their medical condition.

In order to prove that they are disabled, the applicant usually must include medical records which directly demonstrate how their disability interferes with their ability to work. Because of this, the applicant might benefit from consulting with their primary care physician or another medical professional about how their disability directly impairs their work abilities.

Applicants might also include a doctor’s note excusing them from work, along with any medical records that include a modified work schedule. Due to the stringent rules of SSDI, a detail-oriented Raleigh attorney could help a disabled individual gather thorough evidence for their claim.

Prior Application Denials in Raleigh

If the SSA has denied an individual’s application for benefits before, many people are inclined to merely re-submit their application. However, in some instances, SSA representatives will simply deny a re-submitted application once it is determined that it has been previously denied.

In many cases, a more prudent way to proceed might be by following the appeals process. Although appealing an SSDI denial might be more expensive and time-consuming than re-filing, the applicant might also be more likely to obtain benefits on this second, more comprehensive filing. Due to the exhaustive nature of this process, a Raleigh SSDI denial attorney could assist applicants with gathering appropriate medical information in order to successfully file an appeal.

Failing to Follow Treatment Protocols

In certain cases, SSA officials may deny an application for disability benefits if the applicant does not follow through with their medical treatment. This is because it must usually be determined whether the medical condition actually prohibits the individual from being able to work.

Therefore, if the applicant is not cooperating with their medical treatment protocols, an SSA official may not be able to accurately decide either way. If a disabled worker has a valid reason for not following through with their medical treatment protocols, they may be able to demonstrate this during the appeals process.

Failing to Cooperate with the Disability Claims Process

If a claimant fails to comply with any step in the claims process, it is almost certain that an SSA official will deny the claim. To decrease their chances of such a denial, applicants should try to:

  • Provide the SSA with all requested documentation in a timely manner
  • Show up to all medical appointments on time
  • Complete all of the necessary medical treatment

Adhering to these guidelines may prove difficult for certain applicants, however. If an applicant in Raleigh has trouble completing these steps of the SSDI procedure, they might wish to contact a compassionate lawyer for assistance.

Call a Raleigh SSDI Denial Attorney Today

The application process might be frustrating and overwhelming, and, given the high number of denials for first-time SSDI applications, it is important to have an understanding of why these claims are denied. An experienced Raleigh SSDI denial lawyer might be able to help.

If the SSA has denied your claim for disability benefits, an experienced attorney could help you appeal the denial and represent you at hearings and other legal proceedings. For more information about how legal counsel might benefit you, call today.