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When a person is making a Social Security disability claim, they should look for a Raleigh Social Security disability attorney who has experience with Social Security disability claims. Social Security disability is extremely complex; it is governed by statutes and regulations. You should not look for an attorney that only dabbles in this area of law. Instead, you should look for someone with lots of experience in Social Security disability matters.

Looking for an Attorney with Experience

Experience matters so much in these cases because of the complexity of the law. The law changes, the regulations change, and Social Security rulings change. You need an attorney with the experience and knowledge to know the most up to date regulations and rulings as they pertain to Social Security disability.

You need to have an attorney who is accessible and that you can speak with. It is important to have an attorney who can sympathize with what is going on with your health issues.

Why We Take on Social Security Cases

Social Security cases allow us to work with people who, very often, are in dire need. We are privileged to be able to help people through this process because we do recognize that when you become disabled and unable to work, you are in need of guidance that only an experienced attorney can provide.

Passion, Integrity, and a Strong Work Ethic

The first principle at Whitley Law Firm is that we have a passion for practicing this type of law. That passion drives us to do everything we can to obtain a favorable decision.

Having integrity and a strong work ethic means an open line of communication between the law firm and the person applying for disability. It means giving tough advice. Sometimes there are situations that come up in your case where the advice we give is going to be unpleasant and hard to handle. But that is all part of integrity. It is telling the truth about the claim and identifying the weaknesses to determine how we can overcome those weaknesses.

Open and Honest Communication

We pride ourselves on being available to our clients. When a client wants to speak to an attorney, they can speak to that attorney. We also have a well-educated staff that is able to answer many of the questions that come up in this long process of disability. Our lawyers deeply understand what it means to live with a disability. We want to let our clients know that we can empathize with them and that we do have an understanding of what it is like to live with disabilities.

We go the extra mile in our communication with our clients. This is not a law firm where you are isolated from your attorney. We encourage people to be in active dialogue with the attorney on the case. That goes a long way in working up a winning case versus an unfavorable decision.