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It is an unfortunate fact that a leading cause of accidental injuries in Rocky Mount is car accidents. Despite great advances in safety technology, these accidents remain common and can inflict life-changing injuries. Fortunately for injured individuals, state law requires all drivers to carry insurance that may provide compensation following an accident. Still, plaintiffs carry the burden of proving defendant fault to collect any amount of money.

A Rocky Mount car accident lawyer can take the lead in these claims. They understand that local traffic laws, as well as what a person needs to prove to collect compensation from at-fault drivers. Using these methods, an injured person can demand payments for physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial losses. If you have been injured and wish to recover damages, schedule a consultation today to find out your eligibility.

Common Reasons for Car Accidents to Occur

Getting behind the wheel of a car or any other motor vehicle places a great responsibility on a driver. While it is easy to think of driving as a matter of routine, specific traffic laws and patterns exist to provide protection to all people on the road. In fact, every driver assumes an implied duty to follow these rules and to protect their fellow travelers.

It follows that a failure to follow these traffic rules is a prime cause of car accidents. Drivers who make the choice to speed, tailgate, or ignore red lights place every person on the road at severe risk of harm. If a police officer notes in a report that a defendant was breaking a rule of that road and that this violation led to a collision, a plaintiff can leverage this information into a powerful claim for compensation.

Role of Contributory Negligence in an Auto Wreck Claim

Courts in Rocky Mount must use the concept of contributory negligence following car accidents. Under North Carolina Statute §1-139, if a plaintiff is in any way responsible for an accident, a court must dismiss the case. As a result, it is extremely important to build a powerful case against defendants. A Rocky Mount car accident lawyer could help plaintiffs with this critical task.

What Forms of Compensation May be Available to Injured People?

The purpose of any claim for damages following a car accident is to make an injured person whole again. This requires an evaluation of all that person’s losses and even how the accident may affect them in the future.

Thankfully, most car accidents result in temporary injuries. These can include cuts, bruises, and broken bones. In these claims, a plaintiff can demand payment for all past medical bills, lost income from losing time at work to seek medical care, and payments for pain or suffering.

In other cases, the injuries and resulting claims are far more complicated. If an injury requires extensive rehabilitation into the future, or inflict a permanent injury, a claim must demand payments for past and future medical care. In these examples of harsh injury, the incident is also likely to inflict severe emotional trauma and forever impact a person’s ability to earn a living. A Rocky Mount car accident lawyer could work to evaluate the total impact of the incident to form demand packages that ask for comprehensive compensation.

Let a Rocky Mount Car Accident Attorney Handle the Details

The days and weeks following a car accident can be a chaotic time. Not only are you likely to be suffering from physical injuries, but the incident may also cause you to lose income and could impact your overall quality of life. A defendant who is at-fault for the collision that inflicted these losses is liable to provide full compensation. But collecting these payments can be a difficult proposition.

Working with a Rocky Mount car accident lawyer could help to increase your chances of success. They can handle your claim in a professional and thorough manner to protect your legal rights and to demand proper compensation from negligent drivers. Contact a Rocky Mount car crash attorney today to schedule a consultation.