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When a doctor prescribes a medication, the patient likely expects the drug will help improve the condition from which he or she suffers – and that the worst case scenario involves the drug not being effective. Most patients do not anticipate that the medications prescribed to help them could pose a danger to their health, causing potentially irreversible damage and even death. Unfortunately, the appearance dangerous drugs in the marketplace are all too common. If you or a loved one have been injured because a drug did not work the way it was supposed to, a Winston-Salem dangerous drugs lawyer can help.

What is a Dangerous Drug?

Most drugs have side-effects of one kind or another, and even unpleasant or risky side-effects do not necessarily make a drug inherently dangerous. Rather, dangerous drugs involve medications with undisclosed risks or unforeseen consequences.

Drug Company Responsibilities

Drug companies have a responsibility to make sure that their medications are as safe as possible, and that all risks are disclosed to doctors and patients. They also have a duty to conduct adequate safety and efficacy testing, and to be truthful and forthcoming with all of the information available.

While the Food and Drug Administration regulates drugs in the marketplace, pharmaceutical companies must report any new findings or risks identified, even if the drug has already hit the market with full approval from the FDA.

Pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals and pharmacies can increase the risk of serious complications for patients in a number of ways, including providing inaccurate dosing information, neglecting to provide adequate labels, warnings or instructions, and poorly researching drug interactions. Failing to do so puts a number of people at risk, and a dangerous drugs attorney in Winston-Salem can help companies and individuals responsible for not disclosing important health information.

Common Types of Dangerous Drugs

Many different types of drugs aimed at treating all sorts of conditions have been found to pose a danger to the public. Some of the kinds of drugs deemed dangerous by courts or during settlement negotiations include but are not limited to:

  •        ADD/ADHD medicines
  •        Blood pressure and heart disease drugs
  •        Steroids
  •        Hormone replacement therapies
  •        Painkillers
  •        Antidepressants
  •        Acne medication
  •        Blood thinners
  •        Contraceptives
  •        Over-the-counter medications

Dangers Posed by Medications

Dangerous side-effects may be related to the condition the drug is meant to treat, or may be completely separate. Certain dangerous drugs have been known to cause:

  •        Cancer
  •        Suicide and suicidal thoughts
  •        Depression
  •        Anxiety
  •        Aggression
  •        Panic attacks
  •        Ulcers
  •        Addiction
  •        OCD
  •        Heart attack
  •        Stroke
  •        Kidney disease
  •        Birth defects
  •        Internal bleeding
  •        Blood clots
  •        Pulmonary embolism

How Can a Winston-Salem Dangerous Drugs Lawyer Help?

Your Winston-Salem dangerous drugs lawyer can help your family cope with the adverse effects of drug complications and the related costs that may arise.

Numerous plaintiffs have been awarded damages to compensate for the losses incurred – including medical bills, missed work, even permanent damage to a patient’s health – as a result of the drug company’s negligence.  

If your loved one has died due to the use of a dangerous drug or medical device, your Winston-Salem dangerous drugs attorney can also advise as to whether your family might benefit from filing a wrongful death claim.