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Consumers have a right to expect the products they purchase in the public marketplace to be safe to use for their intended purpose. If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product, one of our experienced Winston-Salem defective products lawyers can help you pursue the compensation necessary to reimburse you for any costs related to your injury. You may be dealing with any number of issues including hefty medical bills or lost wages due to missed work, for instance.

Types of Product Defects

There are three main types of product defects that can cause injury to consumers. Our Winston-Salem defective products lawyers handle cases stemming from all of the most common product defects. In some claims, multiple product defects contribute to an injury.

What is Considered a Design Defect?

Design defects are due to a problem with the very conception of a product. In other words, from the beginning there existed a problem with the product design that made it dangerous in some way. With a design defect, the product will be inherently defective no matter how well it is manufactured to specification.


Manufacturing defects occur when there is a problem with the manufacturing process and an error creates a dangerous product. With a manufacturing defect, the product was designed properly, but became dangerous due to the incorrect or inadequate manufacturing. Sometimes this can occur due to malfunctioning manufacturing equipment or poor factory protocols.


The third type of product defect is called a marketing defect. This means that the product was marketed deceptively or inappropriately, or that the product lacked adequate labeling or instructions. A failure to warn consumers of a non-obvious danger in the misuse of a product could constitute a marketing defect.

What are the Responsibilities of Manufacturers?

Product manufacturers have a duty to the public to make sure the products they put on the marketplace are safe to use in the manner intended.

If a consumer is injured while using the product in a way that is wildly inappropriate or unreasonable, the manufacturer may not be held liable. However, if a consumer is injured while using the product in a way that could be considered reasonable, the product maker may in fact be held responsible.

Your defective products attorney in Winston-Salem can examine the circumstances of your injury and determine whether you may benefit from filing a product liability claim.

Common Kinds of Defective Products Injuries

Some of the most common defective product injuries include:

  •        Burns
  •        Electrocution
  •        Cuts and lacerations
  •        Flying object injuries
  •        Airbag injuries
  •        Motor vehicle defects
  •        Defective machinery in the workplace
  •        Explosions
  •        Unsafe toys
  •        Battery injuries
  •        Dangerous drugs
  •        Defective medical devices
  •        Contaminated food products

Contributory Negligence in North Carolina

Because North Carolina is a state that still operates under the contributory negligence doctrine, it is important that you work with a Winston-Salem defective products attorney who has experience refuting claims that a consumer contributed to his or her own injuries by misusing a product, since under the contributory negligence doctrine this could bar a plaintiff from recovering any compensation.