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In order to take action and lower the risks of the side effects for those taking Taxotere, patients need to speak with their doctor. Your physician will be able to discuss your available options before you make any decisions about possibly switching medications. Additionally, the patient can read the patient counseling guide and black box data that comes with the medications administered to be as informed about the potential risks and side-effects as possible.

If you have already suffered permanent baldness as a result of taking Taxotere, speak with an attorney today.

Taxotere vs. Taxol

There is another medication, called Taxol, that uses taxanes available for breast cancer patients currently taking Taxotere. The consensus of the medical community has been that Taxol is at least as effective as Taxotere if not more so, which is contrary to the claims of the manufacturers of Taxotere.

A 2008 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the estimated five-year survival rate for a regimen of Taxotere was 81.2% and the estimated five-year survival rate for a regimen of Taxol was 81.5%.

Across the country, oncologists that ran various cancer centers also began to notice that there was a correlation of permanent hair loss with those patients who were given Taxotere. The rate was approximately 6%-10% of the population.

The FDA did not release a warning regarding the real possibility of permanent hair loss to patients who suddenly stopped taking Taxotere until December 2015.

When to Contact an Attorney

An individual should reach out to an attorney if:

  • they have taken Taxotere
  • it has been more than six months since their final chemotherapy treatment
  • their hair has not returned nor the hair loss reversed

There are time limitations on how long a person can wait to file a case that applies in personal injury lawsuits. Due to the limited timeline, it is important to speak with an attorney soon to ensure that their rights are protected.

If there is not an injury or baldness due to Taxotere and the medication has successfully treated the breast cancer, there are no grounds to file a claim for damages.

First Steps

If a person believes that they are suffering from any of the harmful side-effects, such as alopecia, and decide to file a Taxotere claim, there are several important first steps they should take. Primarily, the patient should contact their doctor. A doctor would be able to diagnose the individual with permanent baldness if they suffer from that condition.

Second, if the person believes that they have a Taxotere claim the person should contact a local attorney who can talk with them about their possible legal options. A really important time to contact an attorney is when the person finished chemotherapy years ago and does not know what type of chemotherapy medication that they were given.

A Winston-Salem Taxotere attorney can quickly help an individual find out by reviewing their medical records or talking to the patient directly. It is important to speak with an attorney sooner rather than later so that an individual is not time barred from filing a claim because of the statute of limitations.