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Benjamin Whitley Writes Article for Boom! Magazine™: “What Is a Class Action?”

The Whitley Law Firm is pleased to announce that our very own Attorney Benjamin Whitley has written an article that addresses a common legal question, an article that is to be published in an upcoming edition of Boom! Magazine™. This is a lifestyle magazine that reaches more than 80,000 readers in North Carolina, helping readers to “Live Smart, Live Well, and Live Large”. Benjamin Whitley’s legal experience and expertise has been trusted to provide answers to this wide readership.

Attorney Whitley’s article answers the question, “What is a class action?” He discusses how a class action lawsuit is distinguished from a mass tort. In short, a mass tort claim is filed by an individual, and the result will only affect that one individual. In a class action lawsuit, a group files the claim, and the result affects everyone in that group.

Some people may be surprised by some of the cases that are mass torts, and not in fact class action lawsuits. These mass tort cases include the following types of claims that can be filed against a manufacturer for a dangerously defective product:

More details will be revealed in the article, but if you need to know more about these or other types of personal injury cases, you can get swift answers when you directly contact a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh.

The legal team at the Whitley Law Firm can help you understand your legal rights, determine whether or not you have a case, and then if so, calculate how much it could be worth. You can call today for your free and confidential consultation. Learn about the compensation you could be entitled to from a trusted and knowledgeable attorney today!