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Zoloft Lawsuits Claim Product Fails to Treat Depression

In a society that relies heavily on medicine for our everyday lives, it is easy to wonder whether it is really effective or not? Or perhaps the pharmaceutical companies are just doing whatever they can to make money and therefore they make medicine for conditions that can’t be treated? Perhaps some medicines claim to accomplish something in the consumer’s body, and yet they never actually make any improvements?

On that note, there are many Americans today who are currently suffering with depression and annually there are an estimated 20 million prescriptions of the specific anti-depressant drug called Zoloft that are written for patients. Unfortunately, there are numerous patients who are claiming that no matter the dosage, the medications are not effective and that they are still greatly dealing with depression in their lives.

Class action lawsuits have been formed against Zoloft and the parent company Pfizer claiming that their product does not deliver the results that it promises. Hundreds of thousands of Zoloft users are stating that this product has been misrepresented to the public and the people want to hold the company accountable for their actions. Just recently a new class action suit was filed in the United States District Court in California and as a 50 page report; it addressed some key concerns in the case on behalf of the clients.

Specifically it claims that the company completely misdirected both the healthcare professionals and the consumers having described the efficiency of the Zoloft product to be far more than it truly is. This report also states that the Pfizer company aggressively schemed against the people in order to concoct a comprehensive marketed product to sell and make billions from.

Chris Coffin, one the attorneys on the class action case claims that Pfizer did not allow the public to see all of the facts associated with the product, essentially seeking to conceal the full story from consumers. The Zoloft drug has been on the market for many years, and was first approved by the FDA for sale in 1991. At this time Pfizer presented two different studies of their product to the FDA that showed significant statistics about their anti-depressant.

The FDA states that they had certain concerns about the product at the time because these studies showed very minimal improvements of depression when compared to a placebo that was tested. Despite these hesitations, the FDA approved the product to be on the market.

While on the outside it appears as though Zoloft outdid the placebo, therefore making it a decent product for those suffering with depression. This however, is far from the truth. When looking closely at the product studies, it is not hard for researchers to wonder if the product is actually effective at all. Reports show that this company was well aware of the questions regarding their product, and they knew that their key ingredient (sertraline hydrochloride) had made little improvements on those suffering with depression.

What is even more shocking is that Pfizer is the leading pharmaceutical company for the sales of anti-depressants currently brings in annual revenue of about $64 billion, much of which has to do with Zoloft sales.

The deceit of Pfizer continues to grow deeper as the lawsuits and research continue. According to reports, the company truly did whatever they could in order to hide their products concerns form the public eye. It is said that Pfizer would make sure that their labels offered zero information regarding extra studies that contradicted their claims, essentially marketing their product as the number one option in the nation for depression treatment.

Not only that, but Pfizer would also hire medical writers and professionals to create published work in prestigious medical journals that also hid the truths of their products from the public. By having well known people attached their names to the product while in reality hiding the truths of their scheme; it brought less attention to what was actually taking place.

Not only has this product been falsely advertised for over two decades, but it is also known for several health concerns for those who use it. this includes suffering from minor health concerns like fatigue and nausea to allergic reactions, high blood pressure and even birth defects in pregnant woman. The most common birth defect has been Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn as a result of mothers taking this product during pregnancy without being warned of the impending dangers.

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