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Several states’ legislatures, including North Carolina, place a cap on non-economic damages as a way to reduce damages. The theory is that if they reduce damages in these types of lawsuits, insurance premiums will go down.

Economic damages are things that you can point to and put a dollar figure on such as medical bills, lost wages, and nursing care. These are the things that have a dollar figure assigned to them. Non-economic damages are things that do not have a dollar value attached them, such as pain and suffering, permanent scarring, or an impairment rating like a partial use of a part of the body.

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Importance of Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are important because they provide full compensation for an injury. When an individual breaks a leg and goes to the doctor, they have x-rays done and receive medical treatments. The duration of the pain of that broken leg lasts considerably longer than just being at the doctor’s office and getting those x-rays. Non-economic damages provide full compensation for a total aspect of the injury, not only repairing the bone but compensating for the injured person’s pain and suffering, as well.

With a cap on the non-economic damages, the injured person and their lawyer must recognize that the cap exists and that for every rule, there is an accompanying exception to the rule. If an individual is dealing with a case that may potentially have a cap on damages, it is important to investigate any exceptions to get around the cap.

Getting Around the Cap

In North Carolina, people can get around the cap on non-economic damages by establishing the gross negligence of the other party that is willful and wanton conduct. Your personal injury attorney understands the details and nuances of non-economic damage caps and how your case may be affected by it. The best way to ensure the best possible compensation for your injuries and pain, contact an attorney today.

Benefit of a Durham Personal Injury Lawyer

In today’s climate, jurors are becoming increasingly skeptical when it comes to non-economic damages. A person should hire a Durham personal injury lawyer because they are trained on how to best develop that aspect of a case. If you have been seriously injured, it is absolutely imperative that you are able to seek the damages you deserve. Sustaining an injury can have a deeply profound impact on all areas of your life, and receiving fair compensation is well worth the effort that you and your lawyer will put into your case.