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If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Durham, know that you have options moving forward to recover properly. To pursue damages, it is essential for you to contact a Durham slip and fall lawyer right away. Experienced injury lawyers can defend your rights, advise you of your next possible legal steps, and help guide you to the best outcome for your case.

Common Accidents

If someone has been injured in a slip and fall accident, the law allows them to recover damages for their injury in many common slip and fall situations, such as:

  • In a grocery store, where the store has failed to keep the aisles clean and free of liquids or other substances that can cause people to slip and fall
  • At an apartment building or business that does not keep their walkways clear of debris, with loose, damaged brick or concrete, or inadequate lighting, which caused the person to slip, fall and be injured
  • A business or residence that does not maintain stairways, leaving debris, loose tile, brick or carpets, causing someone to slip and fall on the steps, and be injured
  • A business or residence that leaves rugs or loose carpet in walkways, causing someone to slip and fall and be injured

Negligence Laws

Slip and fall injuries are covered by negligence law. An individual or business that “invites” people onto its premises, either for business or social reasons, owes a duty to keep the premises, including floors, walkways, and stairs, clean and safe for walking. If they do not do this, and someone falls and is injured, then they owe the person compensation for their injuries.

Injured victims are entitled to payment for all their hospital bills, prescriptions, wages lost, and also payment for the pain and suffering experienced from their injuries.

Compensation Claims

People can make their claim with the help of an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Durham. First, if someone has been injured in a slip or fall, please take steps to obtain medical attention for any injuries. Equally important, victims must contact an attorney.

A good lawyer will determine the owner or party responsible for the location of the injury, and notify them and their insurance company of any pending claims for damages.

Working with a Durham Slip and Fall Lawyer

An attorney knowledgeable in slip and fall law will examine the scene of the slip and fall as soon as possible. Slip and fall lawyers in Durham will want to preserve and document the location where their client fell before the business or individual alters the scene. A good lawyer will photograph the scene and diagram the area for future use.

Lawyers will also locate, contact, and interview any witnesses to the slip or fall. An independent witness can help the case and back up the victim’s version of the accident. All possible evidence must be gathered to strengthen the case and increase the likelihood of full compensation to the injured party. Durham slip and fall lawyers will immediately begin the investigation of your case and gather evidence to help your claim before it is too late.