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The pre-trial period of a Durham personal injury litigation is a very important time for the claimant to be preparing themselves as the person who is going to be entering the courtroom with their case. A lot of activity takes place before a Durham personal injury lawyer brings a case into the courtroom. An array of evidence is collected, witnesses are interviewed, and testimony is secured. There is pertinent information gathered to help explain specific medical issues. An experienced personal injury lawyer has the training and familiarity with similar situations to develop the aspects of the case necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

Initial Pre-Trial Steps

The information that absolutely must be collected during the pre-trial period includes anything that can be used toward meeting the burden of proof on the claim:

  • All of the data necessary to meet the burden of proof on the claim
  • Details about how the accident happened
  • Facts about the parties involved in the incident giving rise to the harm
  • Information about the injuries
  • Opinions the doctors have about how the injuries were cause
  • Necessary medical treatment that was required by any injured party in the aftermath of the incident
  • Any long-term effects suffered by the injured party

Impact of the Length Before Trial

The benefits or issues associated with a short pre-trial period depend on the case. If the case is straightforward and does not involve a great deal of in-depth, complicated medical testimony, a short pre-trial period is likely preferred and beneficial because it keeps the case on track and stays the course of moving toward a resolution.

Some of the problems with longer pre-trial periods are that the emotional costs tend to drag out, and injured people are left uncompensated for longer periods of time, which unfortunately leaves them worrying about the outcome of their case. Another potential problem with a longer pre-trial is the passing of time, causing witnesses or other types of evidence to become less available, or not available at all.

Pre-Trial Mistakes to Avoid

One thing that an individual bringing a personal injury claim should do before trial is to refrain from posting information on the Internet about their injuries or anything about the incident giving rise to their harm, which usually falls under their injuries. They should absolutely clean up their online profiles and presence because insurance companies investigate people’s online presence to see what can be gleaned from their typical behaviors.

The individual should not post on any social media accounts about their injuries, the incident, or other people involved in the incident, and all statements that they do make should only be made in an official capacity with their lawyer present.