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Bus accidents occur more often than many people imagine, considering that the ownership and operation of buses is usually overseen by government agencies, corporations, and enterprises working under a government contract. For this reason, legal matters related to bus accidents can sometimes differ substantially from those related to automobile accidents.

The operation of buses in Durham is regulated by specific laws instituted by the federal government, the state government of North Carolina, and the City of Durham. All of these can affect the end result of a bus accident injury case.

Therefore, it may be essential that anyone involved in such an accident hire the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to help with their injury claim. Once retained, a Durham bus accident lawyer could prove to be a valuable asset to your case. En Español.

Facts Patterns Regarding Bus Accidents

According to the statistics available for 2012, 1,457 bus crashes were reported by North Carolina’s Department of Transportation. These included 402 commercial bus mishaps, 809 school bus collisions, 59 activity bus mishaps, and 187 “other” bus mishaps. All told, about 500 of these crashes resulted in injuries, and three were fatal for at least one involved party.

Common causes of bus accidents that a Durham attorney may be able to help with include:

  • Taking needless risks to not fall behind schedule
  • Inadequate training
  • Operating a vehicle when distracted or impaired
  • The bus equipment has design flaws
  • Failure to maintain equipment as per required standards
  • Risky road conditions or other obstacles
  • Other motorists behaving erratically or dangerously

Consequences of a Bus Crash Injury

The aftermath of a collision with a bus is often disastrous given the large size of buses compared to other vehicles. Victims of bus accidents may need expensive medical care for personal injuries, as well as extensive treatment for the emotional trauma suffered.

A bus accident injury can also cause loss of income due to a victim’s inability to go to work, significant damage to property, and other related expenses and loss. Furthermore, a bus collision can lead to immeasurable suffering and pain for which the party at fault can be held accountable.

The magnitude of all these damages is likely to be greater when a school bus is involved in an accident. Victims injured due to negligence by a bus driver or operating entity should consult a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer in Durham to learn more about their options for recovery.

How a Durham Bus Accident Attorney Can Help

Those responsible for a bus accident may be held legally responsible when accidents involving injury or fatalities stem from negligent or reckless behavior. Victims of a bus accident, as well as those who have lost a loved one to such an accident, may be eligible to seek compensation.

The assistance of an attorney experienced in bus accident cases could be invaluable in such a situation. A seasoned Durham bus accident lawyer could assist in pinpointing the causes behind the accident and determining legal liability of the party or parties at fault. To get started on processing you claim, schedule a consultation today.