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Overexertion occurs when an individual has lifted something that is very heavy, typically too heavy for them, and injures themselves.

It is one of the most common workplace injuries that happens to employees and, with its many shops, restaurants, and industrial plants, overexertion injuries are common in Greenville. Because these injuries most often happen at work, it is not typically a case of negligence when they occur.

However, those who suffer these injuries may still receive compensation for things such as missed work and medical expenses through worker’s compensation. These cases can be complicated, but a Greenville overexertion injury lawyer can help. Contact a dedicated injury attorney today to learn more.

Causes of Overexertion Injuries

While overexertion is often caused by lifting, pulling, or pushing something very heavy, there are many other ways overexertion may happen. Performing the same motion repeatedly with no recovery in between can cause overexertion injuries. This can also include walking or moving for a long period of time without a break for rest.

Being in an awkward position for a long period of time may also cause overexertion injuries. For instance, a dishwasher hunched awkwardly over a low sink all day may experience overexertion injuries. Due to the toll it takes on the body, working in extreme conditions can also cause overexertion injuries. These conditions may include extreme heat, extreme cold, or even severe hunger or thirst.

Often when overexertion is the result of these factors, the injury may overtax the heart or respiratory system. In other cases, such as when a person is lifting something heavy, overexertion may injure the back or shoulders. The actual injury caused by overexertion will differ in many cases since the injury will be determined by the type of work they were doing when the injury occurred. A task that may not have resulted in injury for one person could for another individual that tried the same task.

Steps to Take after an Overexertion Injury

Overexertion injuries in Greenville can be fairly serious. They can result in back, shoulder, and neck injuries, or even injuries to internal organs. Any one of these injuries could result in an employee missing days, weeks, or even months, of work. There may be compensation for this, but the individual must take the proper steps to receive all the worker’s compensation benefits they may be entitled to.

First, the incident should be reported to a manager, supervisor, or human resources department. They will likely have workers’ compensation brochures explaining their coverage.

Then the injured individual must seek medical treatment. If the injury is severe and the employee is taken from their workplace by an ambulance, they will go where the ambulance takes them. Otherwise they may have full control over where they go, but the employer may also have a doctor they require employees to visit. When that is the case, the employee should go where their employer directs them. In any case, the doctor’s office or hospital will have workers’ compensation claim forms that the employee should fill out. To receive them, the employee must tell the healthcare workers the injury occurred at work.

Speak with a Greenville Overexertion Injury Attorney Today

In the best situations, workers’ compensation claims are very straightforward. But they can become complicated. An employer can make it more difficult by stating that the accident was the employee’s fault, even though workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance.

Workers’ compensation may not offer a fair payout to the employee. When this happens, the employee may wish to seek the help of an attorney that can help them get the payout they deserve.

If you have experienced an overexertion injury at work and believe your employer or workers’ compensation is not acting fairly, contact a Greenville overexertion attorney who can help you with your claim.