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Scaffolding is a temporary structure erected outside of a building. It is usually constructed of wooden or metal planks and metal poles and is often used by workers while they are building, repairing, or cleaning a tall building. Most of the time, scaffolding is very safe and provides workers with a way to perform their duties. Generally, scaffolding is even safer than using a ladder as workers can stand on a wide stable platform to do their job.

Unfortunately, scaffolding is not always as safe as it should be and when it is not, accidents can happen. Because these accidents most often involve falling from scaffolding, which is often at a great height, these accidents result in some of the most serious injuries. In some cases, death can even result from a scaffolding accident. When any injury has occurred due to a scaffolding accident, the injured individual or their family should speak to a Greenville scaffolding accident lawyer. An accomplished workers compensation attorney can help you pursue compensation.

How do Scaffolding Accidents Happen?

Workers falling off scaffolding is one of the main causes of scaffolding accidents, but there are many other causes. Falling off a scaffold can be caused by several factors, which include:

  • Improper scaffolding construction or operating procedures
  • Environmental conditions
  • Scaffolding coming apart at attachment points
  • Scaffolding that is overloaded
  • Improper protection in case of falls
  • Improper training or guidelines

In some cases, scaffolding accidents do not happen to the people on the scaffolding, but those beneath it. This can happen to workers that are working below the scaffolding, or others that are just walking past. For those facing injury from scaffolding while at work, Greenville scaffolding accident lawyers are available to help.

Common Scaffolding Accident Injuries

Scaffolding accident injuries are often referred to as axial load injuries. This type of injury occurs when the force from hitting the ground travels along an imaginary line where the body rotates and causes injury. There are two types of axial load injuries in scaffolding accidents. They typically occur when a person lands on their feet first, or when they land on their head first.

When a person lands on their feet first after falling from scaffolding, it can cause fractures to the legs, ankles, and bones in the feet. Spinal injuries can also occur. Solid organs such as the heart, kidney, liver, and pancreas also do not tolerate these injuries very well and can also become damaged.

When a person lands on their head first after falling from scaffolding, this can cause some of the most serious injuries. This can cause traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, and damage or injury to internal organs.

How Injuries Can be Prevented in Greenville

Most scaffolding accidents can be prevented when workers and supervisors have adhered to the safety rules and regulations provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. When injury does occur, those working on the scaffolding can apply for worker’s compensation benefits that will help them financially with things such as time missed from work and medical expenses.

It is important for employees to know that workers’ compensation in Greenville is no-fault insurance, meaning that even if the employee caused the accident, they are still entitled to benefits.

Let a Greenville Scaffolding Accident Attorney Help

Scaffolding accidents can be extremely dangerous. When someone falls from any height and lands on their head, they can suffer from traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Even if they land on their feet, they may suffer from broken bones and internal organ damage.

If you are a worker that suffered an injury in a scaffolding accident, contact a scaffolding attorney in Greenville today. An attorney can help you get the benefits and compensation you may be entitled to.