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Every dog owner has a responsibility under the law to ensure that their animals remain under their control and do not cause injuries to other people. Unfortunately, incidents involving dog bites or attacks are common in Wilson. Making matters worse, these incidents can result in very serious injuries. Even smaller dogs can pierce the skin and cause infections. Naturally, larger animals are capable of tearing muscles or breaking bones.

A Wilson dog bite lawyer could help to promote a claim for damages following a dog bite. A seasoned injury attorney could help you navigate the state’s complex dog bite laws and to demand proper compensation from liable dog owners.

Laws in Wilson Concerning Dog Bite Liability

The laws that control when a dog owner is liable for the actions of their animals are a complex weave of traditional one-bite laws and common negligence concepts. Wilson falls under the jurisdiction of North Carolina Statute §67-4.4. This statute says that a dog’s owner is automatically liable for an attack from a “dangerous” animal.

Plaintiffs have a duty to prove that an animal has received a classification of dangerousness in the past or that the owner had a reason to know that the dog had a history of dangerousness. This is an extension of the classic one-bite rules that allow a dog owner to avoid liability if there is no evidence of a bite in the past. In some cases, a court may label a dog as dangerous if it has attacked people or other animals in the past. A Wilson dog bite lawyer could help to uncover the evidence needed to hold dog owners strictly liable for the actions of their dangerous animals.

Severity of Dog and Animal Attacks

Dog attacks, even those that result from encounters with smaller animals, can result in some very serious medical conditions. Of primary concern is the wound itself. Dog’s teeth have the ability to pierce skin and tear at a person’s flesh. This can result in some very deep cuts that may heal but only while leaving a scar. Deeper bites can affect a person’s muscles or tendons. These injuries can require significant physical therapy to heal. The most severe bites can break bones and result in significant blood loss.

Bites can also cause a person to need to seek treatment for infections or even rabies. Dog’s mouths are filthy places that contain millions of bacteria. Any person who receives a bite should seek medical care to prevent the injury from becoming more serious.

Potential Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

The goal of a dog bite claim is to seek proper compensation for all resulting losses. Of course, this includes payments for the medical care needed to set things right. However, these claims can also evaluate the effects on a person’s financial health and overall quality of life. A Wilson dog bite lawyer could help to pursue a claim for its fair value and to demand that liable dog owners pay for the damage caused by their animals.

A Wilson Dog Bite Attorney May be Able to Help

People who suffer injuries that result from dog attacks are often frightened and confused. The laws that determine when a dog owner is liable after a bite are complicated and a misstep by an injured plaintiff may see a court dismissing a claim.

A Wilson dog bite attorney could help to evaluate the facts of the case to choose a legal path that allows you to collect compensation for your losses. This compensation can provide payments to cover medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Contact an attorney today to schedule a free initial appointment.