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The law requires that all drivers treat bike riders just like any other driver on the road. Even so, this does not prevent many drivers from not yielding when required, failing to signal before turning, or even bullying bicyclists. These actions are not just reckless; they are illegal. As a result, a driver who acts in this way is likely to be at fault in a collision.

A Wilson bicycle accident lawyer could help people who have suffered losses because of the negligent behavior of drivers. A skilled injury attorney could work to investigate the collision and to demand proper compensation for a plaintiff’s damages. Call today to schedule an initial free consultation.

Rights and Duties of Bike Riders

Every traveler in Wilson who uses the road must be sure to follow the applicable rules. As a result, even bike riders must be prepared to yield, follow speed limits, and properly signal all turns. On the other hand, other drivers must follow these same rules when sharing the road. A bike rider has the same rights and obligations as any other person on Wilson’s streets. This includes the right to demand compensation following an accident. However, because bike riders have the same duty to travel safely, courts must evaluate the actions of defendant drivers and plaintiffs on bicycles according to the same standard of the law.

Contributory Negligence in a Wilson Cycling Crash

According to North Carolina Statute §1-139, courts must use the antiquated concept of contributory negligence when evaluating a plaintiff’s claim for damages. This means that if a court believes a plaintiff to be even one percent to blame for a collision, that court cannot award any compensation. A Wilson bicycle accident lawyer might be able to help in proving that a defendant driver was the sole party responsible for the bicycle accident.

Recoverable Injuries in a Bicycle Accident Case

Common physical injuries seen in bicycle accidents include spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, or paralysis. While the potential physical injuries that may result from a bicycle accident are certainly significant, they are not a plaintiff’s only potential source of compensation. If the accident forces a plaintiff to miss time at work or endure a permanent injury, a claim can demand payment for this lost income.

Plaintiffs must also be sure to evaluate the emotional impact of the incident on their lives. Most physical injuries include a mental component in the form of pain, and the incident can force a plaintiff to endure PTSD or other emotional trauma. A Wilson bicycle accident lawyer can help to pursue claims for their full value.

Reach Out to a Wilson Bicycle Accident Attorney

Proving a claim of negligence against a driver in a bicycle accident case can be more complicated than it at first appears. While you may assume that because you were on a bike and in a vulnerable position that a defendant is automatically at fault, in truth, courts must evaluate the actions of all parties to a collision to assign blame.

Let a Wilson bicycle accident lawyer take the lead in pursuing your claim. They understand the law as it applies to your case and can work to gather the essential evidence needed to prove defendant negligence. An attorney can also work with you to help understand your losses and to seek appropriate payments needed to set things right. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.