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Ameron International Corporation Found Responsible for Mesothelioma Causing Products

A jury for the Maury County Tennessee Circuit Court ruled on September 19th, 2018, that Ameron International Corporation is responsible for $269,258.11 of a $2.1 million lawsuit. The jury found that Ameron’s products were unreasonably dangerous and that the company should have been able to predict the harm caused to former maintenance mechanic James W. Davis.

Davis worked with Stauffer Chemical’s organic plant maintenance department from 1970-1978. During his time there, Davis regularly used Bondastrand pipes manufactured by Ameron. Davis testified that in the process of grinding down the pipes to create secure fittings, large amounts of asbestos dust were created.

Davis was not warned about the toxic nature of the piping until 1973. He took precautions by wearing a face shield and followed Stauffer’s safety procedures for working with asbestos-containing products. Despite these measures, Davis’ work with Bondastrand pipe led to his diagnosis of mesothelioma in June 2016 and his death a year and a half later.

The jury determined Ameron’s products and the company’s defective manufacturing and labeling were significant causes of Davis’ mesothelioma. Ameron International Corporation was found liable for 13 percent of Davis’ death, entities not represented at the trial were found responsible for 85 percent, and Davis was found liable for the remaining two percent. In total, Davis’ surviving wife was awarded $121 thousand for economic damages and $1.95 million in non-economic damages.

While it might be difficult to seek legal action following a serious diagnosis or death of a loved one, it may be necessary to do so to maintain financial stability and hold a company accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused.

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