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Chazle’ Woodley Joins Whitley Law Firm

Whitley Law Firm continually rededicates itself to a greater pursuit of justice on behalf of all North Carolina residents. This year, the firm expands its impressive staff by onboarding Chazle’ Woodley, an experienced personal injury lawyer and dedicated pursuer of justice.

The team proudly applauds Woodley’s previous achievements and looks forward to relying on her wit and legal acumen to continue helping personal injury accident survivors overcome their losses.

A History of Passion for Justice

Woodley grew up in Durham, North Carolina, where she was raised by parents Dr. Angelia Riggsbee and Ben Lassiter. Her youth saw her commit wholeheartedly to Christian ministry. She initially planned to go into evangelist work and continues to spread the good word today. However, shows like Judge Hatchett and Law and Order drew her to the legal profession.

Today, Woodley strives to be a voice for the unheard. She brings a deeply rooted empathy to the legal practice, fighting for clients’ right to voice their concerns and demand justice for the losses they have wrongfully endured.

A Lawyer With Many Talents

Woodley continues to foster her passions even as she makes a name for herself in the legal field. As a former dancer, she highlights the “transformative power of artistic expression” and, today, teaches children how to get in touch with their personal creativity through dance.

Woodley also makes waves in the publishing industry as an exceptional author. Her book, “Contents of My Clutch,” goes into detail about the trials and tribulations she overcame to breach the legal field and solidify her personal beliefs. She hopes that the book will provide lessons on compassion and justice to new generations of readers.

This advocacy for the next generation also shines through in Woodley’s continued evangelism. Woodley serves as a youth pastor and aims to introduce young people to the power of both legal and spiritual practice.

Family Strong

Woodley takes pride in balancing her legal outreach with the care and keeping of her family. She continues to find spiritual growth alongside her husband, Minister Keith Woodley, while caring for their two children, KJ and Kyndall. 

Woodley notes that her husband, children, parents, and extended family have all offered her a unique perspective as a practicing attorney. Today, she strives to help families break down the complexities of the civil system with a determined understanding and patience. She wants each family interacting with the civil system to come away inspired and empowered.

Taking Steps Toward Social Reform

When looking for wisdom, Woodley first turns to her family. After that, however, she refers to a quote from Charles Hamilton Houston. “A lawyer,” the quote reads, “is either a social engineer, or a parasite on society.”

Houston emphasizes that lawyers, given their power, must strive to better the lives of their communities lest they want to drain the social resources that might help others grow. Woodley keeps this quote close to her heart as she advocates for positive societal change. She wants to use her civil experience to better North Carolina communities in and outside of the courtroom.

Chazle’ Woodley’s Many Achievements

Chazle’ Woodley graduated with her Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, before completing her J.D. at North Carolina Central University School of Law. She went on to pass the North Carolina State Bar and forge professional associations with:

  • The North Carolina Advocates for Justice
  • Wake County Bar Association
  • North Carolina Bar Association
  • North Carolina Association for Women Attorneys, Board Member


Whitley Law Firm Grows Stronger With Chazle’ Woodley In-House

Whitley Law Firm’s team of experienced attorneys welcomes Chazle’ Woodley into the fold with open arms. The firm looks forward to growing alongside Woodley for years to come as it fights for justice on behalf of North Carolina’s personal injury accident survivors.

Parties interested in requesting legal advice or representation from Whitley Law Firm can contact the team today to book a FREE, no-obligation case evaluation. Our door is open for you.