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FDA Issues Heart Warning for Popular Antibiotic

News reports have been released discussing a recent warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration today regarding the use of a common antibiotic. The specific drug is called Azithromycin and is sold under a few different names including Z-Pak and Zithromax.

This specific drug is used to treat a large number of infections within a person, however researchers have found a frightening link between this product and heart complications. The FDA in their statement claims that this product can lead to abnormal rhythms in the heart that can have fatal results.

According to the FDA, the patients who use these two prescriptions are most at risk if they already are suffering from lower levels of magnesium or potassium in their blood levels; also those who may already experience a slower heart rate. If a person is already on a medication that addresses their abnormal heart beats, they too could be at risk if they are on either Z-Pak or Zithromax.

A spokesperson for the company claims that though they are updating their label warnings on their products, the majority of consumers should not be affected by the drugs they are already taking.

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