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Lawsuits Against Medical Manufacturers Continues

Every day, people experience medical complications due to medical device defects. Zimmer and Stryker, two leading medical device manufacturers, are both involved in lawsuits filed against them for their defective medical devices.

Plaintiff Patrick O’Shea has accused Zimmer Biomet of failing to warn him of the potential risks and design defects associated with the NexGen Knee implant, which have required him to have his implant replaced.

The implant broke down over seven years while implanted in O’Shea, resulting in agonizing pain to the site. The court denied the failure-to-warn claim on the grounds that a patient’s doctor is responsible for warning patients in Georgia. However, the court allowed O’Shea to move forward with the defect claim.

The lawsuit against Stryker was filed by Doris Hughes and alleges that her Stryker hip implant has malfunctioned and caused her injuries. Hip implant defects are often associated with metallosis, which is when the metal components of joint implants abrade against each other. This abrasion results in quantities of metal being released into the body and the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, medical device defects are a common occurrence and can significantly affect an implant recipient’s quality of life. If you experienced any noticeable changes or discomfort in the areas around your implant, consider contacting the attorneys at Whitley Law Firm. Our attorneys can assess your case and develop a powerful legal strategy to get you the compensation you deserve.