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A jackknife truck accident occurs when the attached trailer turns into the truck itself, forming a 90-degree angle. This type of accident is one of the scariest types of accidents considering the numerous drivers that could be injured. Depending on the type of cargo a big rig is carrying, trucks may be susceptible to jackknifing when the driver is operating their vehicle irresponsibly.

If you have been injured in a jackknifing accident, get in touch with a skilled attorney today. A Charlotte jackknife truck accident lawyer could take charge of your case while you focus on healing from your injuries. Call today to learn more.

How Does a Jackknife Accident Happen?

A Jackknife truck accident can happen for a number of reasons. These types of accidents when a truck is out of the driver’s control. If a driver is inexperienced, they may not know how to keep their vehicle from jackknifing if it is already entering that motion. Improper brake maintenance could also cause a truck to jackknife. Road conditions may also play a major role, such as when the roads are experiencing heavy rain, snow, or ice.

How can Jackknife Trucks Impact Other Vehicles?

Jackknife trucks can present obstacles in the road that may or may not be seen by other vehicles approaching. That could cause secondary accidents after the primary accident led to the initial jackknifing. Since these types of accidents occur on the highway, drivers may have a limited amount of time to react. However, depending on the level of traffic, other drivers may not have enough time to slow down or avoid the accident.

How Many Parties Could Be Held Liable?

Many parties could be involved in a jackknife accident injury case depending on the severity of the accident and the number of vehicles involved. If someone is injured based on the negligence of the driver putting the truck in a dangerous position, the truck driver and the trucking company should be responsible. As a result, if various accidents occur as a result of a negligent truck driver putting their vehicle in a jackknife formation or a mechanical defect was the root cause of the motion, the truck driver and/or their company could be held liable

Benefits of Hiring a Charlotte Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney

Considering the various causes for a truck to jackknife, an individual who suffered injuries as a result of this type of accident should work with an attorney to hold the truck driver or their employer accountable for damages. Since truck collisions often result in substantial payouts, the defense will do anything possible to avoid collisions, making it imperative for victims to retain the services of an attorney who has the resources available for filing a claim of this magnitude.

Get in touch with a Charlotte jackknife truck accident lawyer to begin discussing the details of your case. An attorney could review all your injuries to determine how much you should be compensated for. Reach out to use today to schedule a consultation.