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There are many different situations that can lead to a car accident in Raleigh. In the event of a car accident, it is very important that an injured person contacts a Raleigh car accident lawyer as soon as possible to ensure they can pursue a claim. An experienced attorney can investigate the case to understand the circumstances of the accident and provide strong representation.

Texting While Driving

Distracted driving, such as texting and driving, is related to common causes of car accidents in Raleigh. In this situation, a driver is texting while driving so is distracted in the car, preventing them from paying attention in intersections, or on busy highways, or streets. This distraction can cause lead to a collision leaving the distracted driver liable.

Driving Under the Influence

Drunk driving affects a case greatly because other damages are available if someone is drinking and driving and causes an accident. Usually, a person is only entitled damages relating to their medical expenses, economic loss from work, and non-economic loss or pain and suffering. However, if the person is hurt by a drunk driver in addition to those three damages, they are also entitled to punitive damages, or punishment damages. They can recover over and above as a way to punish the individual who committed the criminal act that led to their injuries.

Bad Weather

Bad weather impacts the case by decreasing visibility. When a driver is experiencing bad weather and they have decreased visibility or decreased stopping distance due to the road conditions, they must decrease their own speed, or take even greater precautions to be able to stop in time and avoid an accident. Oftentimes, people do not take that extra step, so bad weather can contribute to accidents in that way.

Additionally, it would be contributory negligence if the injured person was also following too closely or was also speeding in spite of the weather conditions. In cases of ice or snow in the winter where somebody gets hurt, they could also be found negligent because they were not being safe. If that is the case, they may not be able to recover, even if they were hit by somebody who is also considered at-fault.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

If a responsible driver runs a red light, they are breaking the rules of the road, and by doing so, they may cause an intersection accident. These are often very bad accidents because they can lead to either front-end collisions or side collisions, which may cause an even worse impact.

People who run stop signs are also breaking the rules of the road. If a person runs a stop sign, they may not see oncoming traffic and could cause a collision.

Unsafe Driving

Unsafe lane changes lead to car accident cases because people are not paying attention and change lanes into an oncoming car. This is a typical cause of car accidents on I-40, which is a busy road around Raleigh.

One-Way Driving

Driving on the wrong side of the street can also be a cause of car accidents. It happens sometimes in DUI cases or where people have entered the wrong side of busy interstates or busy belt line areas, ultimately causing car accidents.

Improper Turns

Improper turns are also causes of car accidents when drivers are not paying attention. When a person drives distracted and takes an improper turn, they are breaking the rules of the road. If such actions lead to a collision, then they and their insurance company are responsible for paying any damages that result.

Speeding and Tailgating

Speeding is another common cause of car accidents. Speeding decreases the reaction time a driver has to stop or notice a danger and correct for that danger. A shorter reaction time leads to an increased chance of a serious car accident.

Tailgating means that a person is following too close to the car in front of them. Everyone must follow from a distance where they are able to come to a complete stop without impact. The general rule is three car lengths, but it really depends on a person’s speed. In the case of tailgating, the driver has a much shorter response time to stop and can therefore collide with the car ahead of them.

Driving at Night

Driving at night may reduce visibility and stopping distance. Typically, night vision for people can be decreased, especially if people have vision problems. Therefore, people driving at night need to pay very close attention to the road and their surroundings in order to avoid causing collisions on the road.