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North Carolina’s wildlife is one of the state’s many natural treasures. Sadly, thousands of collisions every year occur because of these animals. Either by directly hitting an animal or by swerving off the road to avoid one, car crashes caused by animals in Raleigh are never another driver’s fault. Because there is no other driver who can serve as the culpable party, no other driver, or their insurance company, will be responsible for paying someone’s bills after an accident. That is why it is extremely important for drivers to be aware of how their insurance policy will reimburse them in the event of any accident caused by an animal. If you want to know more about what to do in the event you are involved in an animal-car collision, get in touch with an intelligent car accident attorney who can help.

North Carolina Insurance Requirements

North Carolina law requires that policies carry a minimum protection level of $30,000 for personal injury to other people and $25,000 for property damage. North Carolina has no requirement that policies cover injuries to oneself through PIP coverage. Individuals who have no coverage for medical expenses due to car accidents caused by animals in Raleigh will be forced to pay out of pocket for any bills after the accident.

Additionally, a driver’s policy will be the only source of coverage for any property damages caused by the collision. The $25,000 minimum coverage is for both the driver’s own damages and any damage to anything else, including other drivers’ cars.

Excess Expenses

While North Carolina requires people to retain coverage that pays for other peoples’ damages, the requirements to protect themselves are fairly low. Regardless, the value of a person’s vehicle may easily surpass the $25,000 minimum. In these cases, any excess will be charged directly to the person, who will still be responsible for any damage to others.

While one may not like to think about what will happen to the animal in the event of a collision, the fact of the matter is that if a driver must hit an animal to avoid hitting another driver, this is a move that they must make. Not only does the law require individuals to protect other people and not animals, but avoiding other peoples’ cars will keep a driver off the hook for their expenses.

Preventative Measures

Remember, any collision with another car that happens because a driver is avoiding wildlife will make the accident their fault. The resulting financial strain that this can place on them may be significant. By reviewing their insurance policy, and making any additions to coverage that they feel are necessary, North Carolina drivers can limit their exposure.

If you want to know more about car crashes caused by animals in Raleigh, and what the implications of getting into an accident are, get in touch with a qualified car accident lawyer. Your attorney can work with you to resolve issues with the insurance company. Furthermore, in the event that the collision does involve another driver and an animal, your attorney can help you figure out what your legal options are.