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Driving into the sun, especially in early morning or twilight hours, can be a difficult or even painful experience. The glare caused by direct sunlight, and reflected glare from the east in the morning and from the west at night, is the cause of major traffic delays and accidents.

Fortunately, by following a few easy steps, you can limit the effect that the sun will have on your trip. If you have more questions about driving in the sun, or if you have legal inquiries, please call a qualified car accident attorney today.

Polarized Sunglass Lenses

One great invention is polarized sunglass lenses. By filtering much of the reflected light that can occur in times of bright sun, polarized lenses can reduce the strain on a driver’s eyes. This reflected light is caused by the sun’s rays bouncing off of other cars at low angles that are present in early morning or twilight.

The lenses will also provide a sharper field of vision that will allow the driver to better read street signs and identify the color of stoplights. Polarized sunglass lenses can even be shaped into a person’s prescription to allow for maximum visibility.

Safe Distances Between Cars

Another tip for driving into the sun is to keep a safe distance from the cars ahead. The bright glare from strong sunlight will make it more difficult for a driver to effectively see what is in front of their vehicle. This can result in longer reaction times, in cases of emergency.

Reducing speed and making sure to keep longer distances from cars in front of one’s vehicle will compensate for this reduced reaction time and help to avoid collisions.

Turn on Headlights

Lastly, an out-of-the-box solution to the problem is for drivers to turn on their headlights. People also need to be aware that if they are driving with the sun to their backs, the drivers coming towards them will have a difficult time seeing.

By turning one’s own headlights on, an individual can provide a great marker for other drivers to both see them, and to maintain the proper lane alignment. Safe driving is a partnership that requires everyone to do their part. By helping other drivers who may be having a difficult time seeing, everyone can be safer.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

These few simple tips will help to reduce the effect that harsh sunlight has on your eyes. Additionally, it will help other drivers to see where they are going and to avoid any unfortunate accidents.