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Fog most often occurs when driving early in the morning or through the mountains. While the lack of visibility may intimidate some drivers, others know that the fog is nothing to fear if proper safety tips are followed. Most of these tips are fairly obvious, but a few are a bit unusual. Consult a qualified car accident attorney if you want more tips for driving safely through fog in Raleigh in order to avoid accidents.

Reducing Speed

One of the useful tips for driving safely through fog in Raleigh is, driving at a reasonable pace. While everyone has places to go and people to see, speeding can increase an individual’s risk of getting into an accident. In foggy conditions, the distance that a driver can see in front of their vehicle is limited. A general rule is to think of the fog as similar to rain or snow; people should only only go as fast as is safe. By going slower, drivers have more time to react to anything that may suddenly appear in front of them.

Putting Headlights on the Low Setting

Fog is interesting in that the more light that gets thrown into it, the more light it reflects. Regular headlights should still be used, as they will illuminate darkened roads and alert other drivers to a vehicle’s location.

However, high beams will actually lessen a driver’s ability to see through fog as a large percentage of the light will be reflected back towards the driver. One of the unusual tips for driving safely through fog in Raleigh here is to use the least amount of light possible while still being able to see.

Avoiding Distractions

There are any number of things that can distract drivers behind the wheel – noisy children in the back seat, talking with a friend on the phone, or even scenic vistas can all take drivers’ attention off of the road. It is easy to get pulled into road hypnosis over long drives, but foggy conditions require one’s full attention.

By doing simple things like turning off the radio, letting a call go to voicemail, or even by placing two hands on the wheel, a driver will increase their ability to quickly react to any emergencies in front of them.

There is no need to be intimidated by dense fog. By observing tips for driving safely through fog in Raleigh such as:  driving carefully, keeping headlights on low, and avoiding distraction, anyone can safely drive through the foggiest of conditions.