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The invention of cruise control has been a godsend for people on long road trips. It keeps a car at a constant speed and can even save gas over the long term. However, to be safe and effective, cruise control must be used in the proper way. There are some occasions that cruise control should never be used. Other times, cruise control may be used, but only with heightened caution.

Cruise control is most effective and safe when used on long stretches of road. The opposite of this is driving in the city. Large cities with stoplights every block, or even smaller towns with stop signs and crossroads are all places where the need to stop is constant. This need to suddenly stop requires drivers to be on constant alert. If you would like to more about cruise control safety tips in Raleigh, speak with an established car accident attorney.

What are the Dangers of Having a False Sense of Security?

Cruise control can place drivers into a false sense of security and reduce their reaction times. Cruise control should also never be used while driving through mountainous terrain. The constant changes in elevation can make proper speed management a crucial part of driving safely and the dips and twists in the road can limit how far a driver can see into the distance.

Travelling over wet or snowy roads should also limit use of cruise control. While the rumor that cruise control can cause a car to hydroplane over wet surfaces is untrue, the reduced traction can require drivers to drive with increased caution and changing speeds.

Any time one should be driving with a heightened awareness and changing speeds due to weather, winding roads, or heavy traffic, one should consider whether cruise control is appropriate for cruise control safety tips in Raleigh.

When to Use Cruise Control on the Road

As an important part of cruise control safety tips in Raleigh, individuals should use it whenever there is good visibility and the likelihood of a sudden stop is low. Prime examples of this can be interstates, wide boulevards, or even state highways that a driver is familiar with. Avoid cruise control in any situation where a sudden stop may be necessary, such as in cities and towns, or during inclement weather. By properly understanding cruise control’s limitations, you can safely and effectively use this technology to make driving a less stressful activity.