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North Carolina laws allow drivers the use of their cellphones while driving except for texting. However, all cell phone use by people under the age of 18 while driving is strictly forbidden. While many states have outlawed the use of cellphones to text, or even talk, without a hands-free device, North Carolina has not done so.

North Carolina has also resisted the momentum of states that have outlawed the use of headphones while driving. Using headphones while driving in Raleigh is entirely legal, however, it may be inadvisable to do so. If you want to know more, contact a distinguished car accident lawyer today.

Dangers of Headphone Use While Driving

A major part of a driver’s awareness while driving relies upon their ability to hear what is happening around them. Drivers need to hear other cars to be aware of their location, especially in blind spots. Nothing negatively impacts this ability like headphones.

Even car speakers, while blasting a favorite song, still allow other sharp noises to be noticed, if not necessarily comprehended. Most headphones are designed specifically to allow only the sound that they are producing to enter the wearer’s ears.

Even if a driver is only using headphones to make a phone call, they will still be isolated from most other sounds around them, which is why using headphones while driving in Raleigh is inadvisable.

Other Distracted Driving Risks

While wearing the headphones, a driver may get into trouble in another roundabout way. It is North Carolina law that motorists must move to the side of the road when emergency vehicles approach. While these vehicles have bright lights to alert drivers, they also rely on loud sirens. If a driver cannot hear those sirens, they may not know that they are required to move aside. This can result in misdemeanor level criminal charges being brought against the driver.

The lack of awareness can also result in a greater risk of an accident. Distracted driving is one of the greatest causes of car accidents. By placing a sound source directly in their ears, drivers automatically reduce their awareness and overall reaction times. It is simply a risk not worth the reward. In short, it is legal to drive while wearing headphones, but the potential risks involved are most likely far greater than the benefits.

Value of an Attorney

Despite the fact that using headphones while driving in Raleigh is legal, doing so can increase the risk of car accidents. Not only are you opening yourself up to liability in a car accident case, you are also putting your life, and the lives of others at risk.

In the event that a car accident should occur, whether you are the at-fault party or not, it is important to retain the services of a qualified car accident attorney. Your lawyer may have experience handling these cases and can look at all of the relevant evidence, in order to prepare a solid case for you. Get in touch with an attorney today, and know that you are in capable hands.