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There are various circumstances where a driver should yield to either pedestrians or to other vehicles. Yielding means that a driver slows down or stops for pedestrians and/or another vehicle who have the right of way. Although places to yield are often marked by a sign, there are some instances where a driver is still required to yield regardless of the absence of a sign, such as when making turns, stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks, or waiting to merge with oncoming traffic.

When a person does not follow the rules of the road and does not yield to people or traffic on the road, however, it is known as the failure to yield. As a result of failing to yield, there can be a serious car accident resulting in injuries that warrant the attention of a Raleigh car accident lawyer.

Potential Injuries

Injuries from a failure to yield accidents can be especially severe because the accident may have been a side impact with another car. Additionally, pedestrians do not have the same physical protections as a driver in a car. As a result, pedestrian hit in a failure to yield accident can face life-threatening injuries.

Due to the severity of the injuries that a person can retain from the negligence of a person who failed to yield, it is incredibly important that the injured person contacts a  lawyer right away. A Raleigh failure to yield accident lawyer can work diligently to ensure that the injured person receives the compensation they deserve. Although compensation cannot undo the damage done in the accident, it can help the injured person pay for their medical bills and possibly lost income, which lightens the economic burden a person may have after an accident.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies treat failure to yield accidents much like they treat every other car accident case. They investigate where the responsibility for the crash lies and determining the at-fault party. Insurance companies, however, always focus their investigations on trying to find no liability so that they cannot be found responsible for paying for damages result as failure to yield.

Therefore, it is important that a person speaks with an attorney before trying to handle the case with an insurance company. A Raleigh failure to yield lawyer can help guide the injured person through the appropriate steps to take, and can ensure that the injured person does not settle for an inadequate offer from the insurance company.

Working with an Attorney

Attorneys can investigate failure to yield cases by interviewing the investigating police offers, speaking to any witnesses, and hiring an accident reconstruction engineer to view the scene and take measurements as far as braking distance or using other types of tools to reconstruct the accident.

Additionally, finding a failure to yield attorney in Raleigh can be immensely helpful for a person’s case. They can understand the hardships that a person has to endure after injuries from a car accident. For this reason, they can use the various tools available to them to help a person’s case as much as possible. A lawyer could use their experience in similar failure to yield accidents as well as their knowledge of the Raleigh area in order to form a strong representation for the injured person.