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If a pedestrian is hit by a moving vehicle, there is a high likelihood that they could be hurt very badly, so an individual would want to make sure that they get help if they need it, that they are tended to by medical professionals. An individual would want to call 911 as quickly as possible and, also, that they are out of the roadway so that other vehicles do not hit them. After the shock of the harrowing incident passes, you should consider consulting a qualified pedestrian accident attorney as a part of the steps following a Raleigh pedestrian accident.

Immediate Follow Up After the Accident

Regarding immediate steps following a Raleigh pedestrian accident, people should call the police as soon as possible. If a person is injured badly, then they should seek medical help as soon as possible. If it was a bad accident, EMS will come to the scene and if the person is in any way concerned about their health, they are encouraged to go to the emergency room as quickly as possible.

It is important for people to make sure to thoroughly follow up with their doctors because one of the biggest defenses that insurance companies make is for gaps in treatment. A person trying to tough it out can translate into, “Oh, this accident was not that bad otherwise they would have gone to the doctor.” At any moment when an injury is bothering someone, they need to make sure to have it checked out so that they can circumvent that sort of gap argument.

Contacting a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Early

If there are just some bumps and bruises and an individual is feeling better within a few days, they can always get a free consultation with a pedestrian accident attorney to talk about their rights and what they might be entitled to, but they might not need to hire a lawyer.

If a person is injured with broken bones, ongoing medical treatment, surgery, or similar problems, then it would be important to get an attorney involved immediately before they talk to the insurance company or anyone else.

Collecting Information on the Scene

Collecting information is a key part of the steps following a Raleigh pedestrian accident. Call 911 and have a police officer come to the scene to conduct a driver exchange form in order to document the driver’s information. If a driver flees the scene, one should try to get their license plate number or as many defining characteristics about the vehicle or driver as possible, and then report it to the authorities immediately.

Other information from the scene of the accident people should try to collect are skid marks or marks on the road, eyewitnesses, video footage, and weather patterns. This is all information one should try to collect at the scene of an accident.

Taking pictures of the accident scene is very important. This includes the vehicle involved, the location, and the physical damages, so one can show the point of impact on the person. It is critical to show where the wreck happened in the roadway so the jury can see that, for example, the plaintiff was in the middle of the crosswalk or that they just stepped off of the sidewalk. It depends on the case, but documenting the investigative aspects of the case is one of the most important things to do.