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I was Attacked by a Dog, Who Pays for My Injury?

If you have been injured after a dog attack, you are likely not only frustrated with the fact that a dog bit you in Greenville, but you may also be dealing with very serious injuries. Sadly, depending on the dog who does the attacking, injuries can be so severe that they can kill. Just recently a woman was mauled to death in California by five stray pit bulls, and that is not the first time this has happened. More often than not, dog bites simply result in very degrees of injuries, though none make them any less traumatizing.

However, perhaps you dog bite was from a neighbor down the street and the thought of taking legal action against them seems like too much for you. Not only that, but perhaps you are worried that they may not be able to afford any extra bills on their hand.

When it comes to dog bites, depending on the person’s insurance coverage, there is a good possibility that they actually won’t be required to pay you anything out of pocket. Believe it or not, if the family has a house pet, there is a good chance that the animal is covered under their house insurance which means that liability coverage for accidents will actually come out of their policy for anything that occurs on their property.

For example, if you were out walking your dog that night and their animal broke through the fence and attacked you. Depending on the circumstances of the animal bite, their car insurance may actually cover their animal having bit you. For example, if their dog was tied down in the back of their truck and got out which led to your bite, then their car insurance may cover the damages you experience.

In other cases, some pet owners may actually have animal insurance for an event such as this. Which will help protect the owner in the event that their dog attacks another person. In the event that an owner has a dog, for example, that is considered to be a repeat offender for attacking people, they may be required to invest in animal insurance in order to cover the costs and risks associated with their animal.

However, in the event that the pet’s owner does not have any form of insurance, if you choose not to pursue legal action there is a good possibility that you will be forced to carry the weight of your medical bills and time lost from work on your own.

Please contact a trusted Raleigh personal injury lawyer at the Whitley Law Firm today to further discuss you dog bite injury, we want to help you!