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Possible Link Between Elmiron and Vision Loss

Elmiron, the brand name for pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), is a common prescription medication used to treat interstitial cystitis (IC) also known as painful bladder syndrome. The drug was developed and produced by Jannsenn Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Elmiron in 1996 and since then it has become the leading treatment for patients suffering from interstitial cystitis.

What is Interstitial Cystitis?

Interstitial cystitis is a painful bladder condition that can cause chronic pain and pressure in the bladder and pelvic area. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), interstitial cystitis affects both genders and various ages, however, it is more common in women between the ages of 35-50. Symptoms of IC include frequent urination, a feeling of urgency to urinate, and pain or pressure in the bladder or pelvic area.

Potential Symptoms of Maculopathy

Elmiron was initially believed to have very little risk to patients. However, Researchers at the Emory School of Medicine have completed studies that allege that pentosan polysulfate sodium or Elmiron, may lead to vision loss in patients. Recently, researchers at Emory published in The Journal of Ophthalmology that around 25% of patients who had been prescribed Elmiron in the study were developing abnormal damage to the retinas. The doctors believe that these patients developed a condition known as retinal pigmentary maculopathy after using Elmiron.

Symptoms of Maculopathy include:

  • Difficulty adjusting to dim light
  • Blurry or distorted vision
  • Loss of color vision
  • Trouble reading
  • Dark spots in the center of vision
  • Lines that appear bent or wavy

Elmiron has been used by millions of people to treat interstitial cystitis since the drug was released in the 1990s. Patients who have been prescribed Elmiron may not even know that they have developed maculopathy after taking the bladder drug. Most of these individuals may assume that they are experiencing vision loss as a result of common age-related eye problems.

Call an Attorney Today

When your doctor’s prescription effectively manages your medical condition, you likely are to be satisfied with the outcomes. However, if using the medication results in further medical problems, such as maculopathy after taking Elmiron, you may suffer unanticipated consequences. Relying on a personal injury lawyer can be critical to your ability to hold companies like Johnson and Johnson liable for the harm that they have caused.

Given the conceivably harmful implications of taking Elmiron toward your loss of vision, consulting a personal injury lawyer can be essential. By holding big drug companies accountable for the adverse consequences of the drugs they produce, you may be able to seek justice for your losses.