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Opioid Testing: Preventing Accidents & Workers’ Comp Claims

If many other companies choose to follow in the footsteps of Jacobsen Construction Co. Inc., a Salt Lake City construction company, many accidents and potential...

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Bringing a Lawsuit Against an Employer

When a person is injured at their place of employment, many things may go through their mind, and they might even want to place the blame on their employer. The...

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Fired For Filing Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation simply works as a compromise between worker and employer. It essentially has the worker forfeit the right to sue the employer for d...

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What Types of On-The-Job Illnesses are Compensable?

When you are involved in an accident or a hazard at work causes you to fall ill, you will need seasoned legal guidance to help you find the compensation that yo...

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Obesity and Workplace Injuries: Is There a Correlation?

Over the years, as studies have concluded, obesity may be the linking factor between many work-related accidents. While many people tend to discriminate due t...

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Workers Comp: Taking Pro-Active Measures

When you are injured on the job, you need to start thinking about how to obtain workers compensation. Even if you are injured while working, you may not be elig...

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Common Injuries in Workers’ Comp Cases

Nearly every day, an individual is injured or falls ill due to an environmental factor at their place of employment in North Carolina. If you have been injured ...

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Worker’s Comp: America’s Oldest Social Insurance Program

Anytime an employee suffers an injury or becomes ill and can no longer work for a period of time, his or her employer is required to pay workers’ compensa...

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Knowing When To Bring a Workers Comp Claim

In the United States, on-the-job injuries are more prevalent than people may think.  Each day, numerous people are injured while performing job related duties....

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