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If you have been involved in a bus accident in North Carolina, you may need the help of an experienced Kinston bus accident attorney.

Bus accidents can be incredibly severe and even fatal. A bus accident lawyer could investigate the circumstances of your accident and determine whether the bus company is liable and may owe you compensation for your damages.

Bus Accidents in Kinston

Bus accidents occur in and around Kinston, which is served by Interstate Highway I-95, Highway 70, and US 258, and also receives Greyhound bus services. Accidents can involve just a single bus, the bus and another vehicle, multiple vehicles, or the bus and a pedestrian.

What Elements Could Impact a Bus Injury Claim?

It is important to understand the nuances of litigating an accident case involving buses, since the complexity of a claim may depend upon the type of bus involved in the accident.

Elements of the case can change based on whether the bus was a city bus owned by the government, a school bus, a private passenger bus, a commercial or charter tour bus, or an out-of-state transportation bus. An experienced Kinston bus accident attorney should be able to analyze the facts of the case and determine how best to proceed with the claim.

Steps Bus Companies Can Take to Reduce Bus Accidents

Buses are top-heavy and can be cumbersome on the road.  Not just anyone can drive a bus, and commercial bus companies need to take precautions in order to prevent bus accidents.

Some of the steps a bus company can take to help prevent accidents include:

  • Thoroughly screening drivers
  • Conducting random drug and alcohol tests
  • Requiring driver rest breaks
  • Ensuring adequate vehicle maintenance and inspection
  • Establishing safety policies for driving in bad weather

Common Causes Bus Accidents in North Carolina

There are a number of different reasons a bus might be involved in an accident. The most straightforward involve driver errors or negligence. If a bus driver fails to follow traffic laws, drives while distracted or sleep-deprived, or drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can be held liable for any accident that results.

In addition, the company that owns the bus may be liable for injuries in a bus accident under certain circumstances, such as if the bus is loaded improperly and rolls over or has inadequate restraints. Culpability can also extend to the operating company if the driver is unqualified, poorly trained, or overworked.

On the other hand, some bus accidents are caused by external factors that are not directly the fault of the bus driver or owners, although they are still responsible for avoiding or preparing for them. Roadway hazards, potholes, and poor weather conditions are all examples of such factors.

What is Contributory Negligence?

North Carolina is one of only a handful of states that operates under contributory negligence law. Under this rule, victims found to be partially responsible for causing their own injuries may be barred in court from recovering any damages at all, even if they were only a tiny percentage at fault.

For this reason, it may be especially crucial for victims to work with a skilled Kinston bus accident attorney who is familiar with combating a claim of contributory negligence.

Consult an Experienced Kinston Bus Accident Attorney Today

No matter the circumstances of your bus accident, it is important to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. A seasoned Kinston bus accident attorney may help guide you throughout the process, making sure that you do not say or do anything to jeopardize your case, especially if you believe there is a chance your actions partially contributed to the cause of the accident.