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You can turn to a Kinston workplace injury lawyer for help building a legal claim for compensation after an on-the-job accident in North Carolina. Our team at Whitley Law Firm will stand up for you, representing you in and out of court. 

A Kinston personal injury lawyer may help you secure funds to cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. We take the time to fully understand your situation and always put our clients first. 

Find out more about how we can help by calling or filling out our online contact form. 

Do You Qualify for Compensation for a Workplace Injury?

You may have a chance to get damages after any workplace accident. North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system allows you to file a claim without proving that someone else caused your accident. 

However, the workers’ comp system may not cover all of your losses. You may qualify to file a lawsuit against a third party if they caused your injuries through negligence or because they created a defective product that harmed you. 

You can discuss the specifics of your eligibility today with a Kinston workers’ compensation lawyer from our team. 

Can You Sue Your Employer for a Workplace Injury?

Generally, you cannot sue your employer for an on-the-job accident. Instead, North Carolina expects you to seek damages through workers’ comp. 

However, third parties – like equipment manufacturers – sometimes cause workplace accidents. In these situations, your lawyer may build a lawsuit. 

What Funds do You Get for a Workplace Accident?

A Kinston workplace accident lawyer can review all the expenses associated with your injury. We collect documentation that supports the full extent of your:

Healthcare Costs

A workplace accident can cause broken bones, burns, exposure to toxic chemicals, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and other serious effects. Make sure that you seek medical care immediately for any of these conditions. 

Your attorney can work to bring you funds for your emergency care, hospital stay, medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. You could also get funds for your travel to and from medical appointments. 

Lost Pay

We believe you should get fair compensation for your lost pay, bonuses, and raises after a workplace injury. Generally, workers’ comp covers only a percentage of your lost income. A lawsuit may allow you to get more funds. 

Pain and Suffering

Lawsuits also allow you to seek funds for your non-economic losses. We treat the emotional pain and suffering you sustained due to the accident seriously and strive to bring you an appropriate level of compensation. 

How does a Kinston Workplace Injury Lawyer Help?

Your attorney will focus on all your legal needs after an accident. We believe in serving our community as a local law firm and protecting you against individuals who may try to minimize your compensation. 

Our team strives for excellence as we:

Investigate Your Accident

We focus on determining who caused your workplace injury. We use many investigative techniques and constantly innovate our research strategies. Depending on your needs, we may: 

  • Visit your workplace to see the accident site
  • Speak to all eyewitnesses (including your coworkers)
  • Look for surveillance video of your accident
  • Work with workplace injury experts 

We’ll use the information we collect to construct a strong claim on your behalf. 

Help with All Legal Issues

We know that the process of seeking compensation after a workplace injury can feel challenging. We’re here to help you every step of the way. We deal with your employer and insurance representatives on your behalf. 

We also maintain open communication so that you can contact us with questions at any time. 

Resolve Your Workplace Injury Claim

You can count on us to consider all possible options for bringing you maximum compensation. In some cases, we may recommend accepting funds from workers’ comp. In other situations, we’ll support you through a personal injury lawsuit. 

Why do Workers Hire Us After Accidents?

Our team at Whitley Law Firm has extensive experience handling workplace injury claims on behalf of clients like you. We draw on our knowledge of legal codes in North Carolina while taking calculated risks that allow us to resolve claims successfully. We founded our firm on our core values of compassion, determination, accessibility, and community. We guide our clients through the legal system to help them achieve justice in the face of adversity and always put you first. 

We proudly stand behind our record of success with workplace injury claims. We recently brought a worker injured on a demolition project $4 million for his losses. You can review other claims through our case results

When do You Pay Us for Our Legal Services?

We’ll take on your workplace injury case on a contingency basis. Our team only requests payment for legal fees after we resolve your claim. 

We receive a percentage of your final financial compensation as payment for our services. 

What’s the Deadline to File a Workplace Injury Claim?

In many cases, you must file your claim within the time allowed by the workers’ comp system. Generally, you must inform your employer within 30 days of an accident and file a claim within two years, but we recommend informing them as quickly as possible.

You may have up to three years to file a personal injury claim if a third party caused your workplace injury. We’ll go over all your deadlines when you work with us.

Speak to a Workplace Injury Lawyer in Kinston Today

You can hire a Kinston workplace injury lawyer to address all your concerns after an accident on the job. Our team at Whitley Law Firm will discuss your situation and help you secure maximum compensation for your losses in North Carolina. 

Find out more about our services by calling or filling out our online contact form.