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If you were hurt in a recent auto collision, besides getting treatment for injuries, you may also be considering how to go about getting compensation for your damages if the other driver caused the crash. Filing an insurance claim is a significant factor in the overall process of seeking financial recovery after an auto accident.

As one of the nation’s leading insurance carriers, it is highly probable that you could be dealing with Liberty Mutual after an accident in Raleigh. A dedicated attorney could help you to file a prompt and detailed claim while helping you navigate the complex claims system. To begin discussing the details of your case, be sure to schedule a consultation.

When to Get in Touch with an Attorney

When someone is struggling with serious injuries from a car accident, they may be unsure whether they should try to settle their case with Liberty Mutual as soon as possible or talk with an attorney first. Unfortunately, Liberty Mutual claims are rarely resolved quickly, and the ones that are may settled for amounts that do not accurately represent the extent of the claimant’s damages. If someone is injured in a crash because of another driver’s careless or reckless actions, they should get in touch with an attorney at the first possible moment. A lawyer could provide a clear analysis of their case and potential legal standing to bring a claim.

An attorney could dig deep into the facts of the accident and construct a persuasive claim for compensation just as the Liberty Mutual adjuster will perform their own investigation into what happened. Insurance companies are notorious for a disinclination to pay out claims. It is not unusual for insurance adjusters to look for loopholes that may diminish or relieve them of liability. An attorney could assist an injured victim with disputing unfair insurance denials and even lodging a bad faith claim if necessary.

Local Negligence Laws and Liberty Mutual Claims

The state’s negligence laws impact claims settled out of court and those resolved outside the court process. The claimant must show that the driver who hit them was negligent and that their injuries were the direct outcome of this negligent act. For example, a driver who is speeding or runs a red light and collides with another motorist may be legally responsible for any physical or property damages they cause.

If there is any evidence that the claimant may have contributed to the accident, the Liberty Mutual insurance adjuster may argue that the claimant is not entitled to damages. North Carolina’s contributory negligence law prohibits claimants from recovering damages even if they just a little at fault for their own injuries. A lawyer could review any liability questions for an accident and examine what compensation may be claimed for a person’s injuries.

Typical Timeline of a Liberty Mutual Claim

When dealing with Liberty Mutual after an accident in the nearby area, the duration of a claim can change based on the particular case. Some claims may be resolved in a matter of months. Others could take a year or longer. If Liberty Mutual contests liability for the accident or the claimant has to file a lawsuit, this will generally prolong the claim. An attorney could offer advice regarding the potential next steps of someone’s claim based on the details of their situation.

A Raleigh Attorney Could Walk You Through Your Liberty Mutual Claim

If you are suddenly dealing with Liberty Mutual after an accident in Raleigh, it may be wise to engage legal representation. A lawyer could expeditiously begin work on your case and pursue just your financial recovery. Call a Raleigh attorney to discuss your potential case in further detail.