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If you were recently involved in a car accident and the other driver’s insurance policy is with Progressive, you may be thinking about filing a claim for compensation. Unfortunately, dealing with Progressive after an accident in Raleigh is rarely a walk in the park. The insurance adjuster may very well try to settle for less than your claim is worth or even deny your claim altogether.

Before you try to handle your insurance claim alone, it may be a good idea to get in touch with a seasoned attorney who could explain your rights and represent your interests with the adjuster. An attorney could take charge of your claim and fight for every cent you deserve.

Settling with Progressive

After a severe car accident resulting in bodily injury, it is important to get a claim started as soon as possible. This is because North Carolina law establishes a limited period of time in the aftermath of a car accident in which the injured individual can file a lawsuit for financial damages. It may be possible to resolve a claim out of the courtroom in a negotiated settlement. However, it is wise to speak with an attorney about dealing with Progressive as soon as possible after a collision to avoid any potential issues with the lawsuit filing deadline.

All of the claimant’s damages must be included in their demand for settlement, which means that the individual will usually need to complete medical treatment before requesting compensation. Insurance companies often try to get injured plaintiffs to settle their cases too soon and often before they have finished treatment. In this way, the adjuster can reduce the amount of compensation Progressive has to pay out on behalf of their insured.

Once a claimant settles, they typically have no further recourse to seek additional damages and would therefore forfeit any additional compensation they could have been entitled to. An attorney could help to thwart such tactics by the insurance adjuster while working to get the most compensation possible for the victim’s injuries. A lawyer could help the injured individual determine whether they have a valid case for damages and formulate the most appropriate strategy to pursue for compensation in their case.

Resolving Issues of Liability in a Progressive Claim

Another key issue that often arises when dealing with Progressive following a crash in the local area is liability. In order to recover compensation in their accident claim, the injured plaintiff must clearly show that the at-fault party, Progressive’s insured, was responsible for the collision. A wide range of evidence may be used to establish liability, including statements from eyewitnesses, footage of the scene of the accident, crash photos, and even the claimant’s medical records.

To prove that Progressive’s insured is liable for the wreck, the claimant must show that the at-fault party failed to drive with reasonable care, and in doing so, caused the accident that resulted in their injuries and damages. A determination of liability is also crucial if the case proceeds to litigation.

Under North Carolina law, if a claimant is even the slightest bit at fault for the accident, they cannot recover any damages whatsoever. A well-versed lawyer familiar with the state’s negligence laws could advocate on the claimant’s behalf and challenge any unfair claims of liability made by the Progressive insurance adjuster.

Get Help from a Raleigh Attorney to Deal with Progressive After an Auto Collision

If you find yourself dealing with Progressive after an accident in Raleigh, do not waste time engaging competent legal counsel to handle your case. An attorney could offer in-depth guidance about your potential claim and help you devise an effective plan of action to move forward. To talk with an attorney about your accident case, contact our office today.