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When a person sustains a dog bite, the injuries that come with the bite could manifest in a permanent scar or permanent injury that is never full healed. You might be angry and confused as to why this happened to you, and Raleigh dog bite case mistakes are more likely to arise. If a person has been bitten by a dog, they should contact a skilled dog bite attorney as soon as possible to help clear up any misconceptions.

Common Misconceptions and Mistakes

There are several common misconceptions that can lead to Raleigh dog bite case mistakes. Some people make the mistake of trying to handle the case on their own or giving a statement to the insurance company. When an individual has contributory negligence, one wrong move and their own words can be used against them to deny the claim.

Many people also do not know that if the person who owns the dog has a homeowner’s policy, regardless of where the dog bite happened, whether it occurred down the street, on the beach, or anywhere away from their permanent residence, the homeowner’s policy, in a lot of circumstances, will provide coverage.

Legal Action

Many people believe that there are frivolous lawsuits or an excess number of lawsuits clogging up our courts and judicial systems. A dog bite case can fit this mold unless the attack was significant enough, or if there was a particular set of circumstances. It is important to make sure that the medical treatment and injuries were significant, or they may run into jurors who have the opinion that the dog bite case is a frivolous lawsuit.

Regarding Raleigh dog bite case mistakes, a common question is whether one can have a case even if the dog does not physically touch them. For example, if a dog runs up to someone, barks at them and appears as though they will attack, it might cause that person to fall over and break a bone. The dog does not necessarily have to touch someone for the dog bite claim to be viable. It can still be negligence on the part of the homeowner for allowing the dog to be out and running around in such a way that would scare someone in that way.

Benefits of Contacting an Attorney

Raleigh dog bite case mistakes and misconceptions can be surmounted by hiring an experienced lawyer who knows how to deal with these types of cases, who knows the right framing techniques to use to try to overcome the sort of negative attitude about lawsuits, who has the resources to conduct focus groups and other sorts of investigations, and who can discover if there are any witnesses or any videos and whether animal control was called. Those are some of the ways that a person can combat the general misconceptions about these cases.

If a person has retained a lawyer, then the insurance company or the dog owner cannot talk to the person without their lawyer being present on the phone. This means a person is going to have someone who is representing their interests at all times, they are going to know what to expect, and they are not going to struggle to find out information on their own.  Lawyers can also help with focus groups and doing the homework of the case to make sure that the person has the right themes, emphasis, and different things that they want to point out, if the case goes to trial, that would matter to jurors if they are ultimately the ones who will decide the damages amount.