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Boat accidents are potentially devastating for more than one reason. Like car accidents, these collisions can occur at high speed, causing injury based on the force of the boat. Additionally, these accidents are also dangerous due to the risk of drowning. When these boating accidents occur due to negligence, a skilled personal injury attorney could pursue monetary damages against the negligent boat operator that caused the crash.

Civil suits can be challenging to pursue. In many cases, investigating the cause of the crash is difficult. Thankfully, a Rocky Mount boat accident lawyer could have the skill and experience necessary to build a winning claim. To get started on building a claim, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

Boating Laws and Regulations in Rocky Mount

Motorists must operate by the rules of the road when driving in Rocky Mount. For boaters, they are bound by the rules of the water. Boating regulations are governed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

The rules of the water are general guidelines on how boaters should operate their vessels. The primary rule boaters should be aware of is their duty to avoid accidents. Operators are obliged to take any action necessary if it will safely avoid an accident. Boat operators that fail to do so could face civil liability.

The rules of the water also address overtaking boats traveling in the same direction. Since there are no passing lanes on a lake or river, boaters must take extra precautions when passing. The boater being passed must maintain their current course and speed. The passing boat must take care to avoid colliding with the front boat or even knocking it off course with its wake. Careless passing could lead both boats to collide.

The rules of water are intended as a guide to keeping boaters safe. When these rules are violated, they also serve a role in a civil lawsuit. A Rocky Mount boat accident attorney could use a violation of the rules of the water as evidence that the defendant negligently caused the crash.

Potential Damages in a Boat Accident Lawsuit

Compensation in a boat accident lawsuit is often similar to that of a car wreck. A plaintiff could pursue damages for their injuries as well as the cost of repairing their personal property.

Boat Repairs

Boats are often built for reliability and speed, but not for durability. Many fiberglass boats offer little in the way of impact cushioning. This means when two boats collide, it is not uncommon for both to suffer significant damage. The cost to repair these boats can be high, but a plaintiff in a boat accident lawsuit could seek compensation for these costs.

Medical Bills

Any injuries stemming from a boating accident could result in costly medical treatment. A boat accident victim has the right to seek compensation for the cost of hospital bills, physical therapy, medical devices, or even chiropractic costs.

Speak with a Rocky Mount Boat Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a boat accident, obtaining necessary medical treatment is the most important thing to do. It is also valuable to consider hiring legal counsel.

If the boat accident you were involved in resulted from another person’s negligence, you could have a viable claim for compensation against them. To discuss your options, reach out to a Rocky Mount boat accident lawyer.