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Few people spend their career earning a living with the expectation that one day they could be too sick to return to work. That situation is the reality for many in Rocky Mount. Thankfully, social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits could help an injured or sick worker make ends meet when they are unable to return to their job.

A severe illness will not guarantee a successful SSDI claim. The application process is thorough, and regulators will comb through your records looking for an excuse to deny a claim. The process of applying can be complex without the help of a Rocky Mount SSDI lawyer.

A practiced personal injury attorney could guide you through the application process from start to finish. With legal counsel, you might improve your odds of maximizing your SSDI benefits. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

The Right Time to File for Benefits

SSDI benefits are not available the moment a disability occurs. Instead, a person must be disabled for at least 12 months before they have the option to file for benefits. While it might be tempting to file for a claim immediately, the Social Security Administration would be unable to confirm the severity of the disability in such a short time frame.

Once a person or their Rocky Mount SSDI lawyer files the application, it often takes months to receive a decision. While most claims that are filed are for viable disabilities, it is common practice for the Social Security Administration to deny a claim the first time around.

A denied claim does not mean benefits are out of the picture. Appeals are available, and they frequently result in a successful SSDI claim. The appellate process can be long, with some cases take a year to resolve.

While every applicant must wait 12 months from the beginning of their disability to file an SSDI claim, any additional delays could work against them. The claims process can take time to work itself out, meaning the sooner a claim is filed after the 12 months are up, the better.

SSDI Benefits in Rocky Mount

SSDI benefits come in the form of monthly cash payments. These benefits are funded by payroll taxes paid by workers across the state. The benefits paid out under SSDI claims are based on the average of a person’s lifetime earnings. Unlike other claims, the severity of a person’s injury plays no role in determining the amount of benefits available. If a person qualifies for benefits, they will recover a percentage of the average lifetime earnings each month. If they do not qualify, they will receive nothing.

Benefit amounts change each year. On average, a disabled worker receives $1,237 each month for SSDI claims. In addition to the injured worker, family members could also apply for SSDI benefits under certain circumstances. Obtaining these benefits may be challenging without the guidance of a Rocky Mount SSDI attorney.

Discuss Your Situation with a Rocky Mount SSDI Attorney Right Away

While the SSDI process does not require you to have an attorney, a skilled legal representative could make the process go smoothly. Minor mistakes in your application could result in a denied claim, and each denial could mean additional months without benefits.

A Rocky Mount SSDI lawyer could help file an application or even appeal your denial. Schedule your free initial consultation to discuss your case in detail.