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Walking busy streets carries some risk. Despite being generally responsible for looking both ways, obeying the walk signals, and feeling safe enough to do it every day, pedestrian accidents happen all too often.

Pedestrian accidents have a higher incidence of fatality than a collision between two vehicles. Cars, trucks, and other vehicles weigh significantly more than the individuals, and often the human body cannot sustain the impact.

The result is usually a family losing their loved one, or at the least, the injured party having lifelong health complications. Especially vulnerable to pedestrian accidents are children and the elderly.

A personal injury not only complicates their lives but the lives of their caregivers. When this happens to you or your family, it is important to seek the help of a Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer as early as possible.

Compensation for Injuries

Charlotte imposes a statute of limitations for personal injury cases. It may not be possible early on to assess the long-term effects of a pedestrian accident. Still, it is advisable to speak with an experienced legal professional right away. They will help assess the full extent of the damages, and see that someone obtains fair compensation.

Insurance companies are eager to settle claims right away and for as little money as possible. Too often, this means the injured party is left with inadequate monetary coverage for medical and physical therapy bills. Hiring a skilled pedestrian accident attorney in Charlotte provides the best chance of securing coverage.

When someone seeks compensation for personal injury, everything they do is asses such as their medical records, police reports, and parts of their personal history. In some cases, insurance claims adjusters will try to have that person questioned in the aftermath of the accident.

Sadly, Charlotte pedestrian accident attorneys have seen insurance claims adjusters do exactly that to use accident victims’ words against them. It is important to seek legal assistance as early as possible, second only to seeking medical attention.

Obtaining medical help early saves lives, especially in a catastrophic situation like a pedestrian accident. However, medical records are also important for legal purposes.

These documents will assist a lawyer in assessing the extent of someone’s injuries, estimating their compensation, and presenting a compelling case. Beyond medical costs, they can also seek compensation for the following damages:

  • Lost wages
  • Physical therapy
  • Emotional distress (pain and suffering)
  • Inability to perform familial duties (loss of consortium)

Contacting an Accident Attorney

A pedestrian accident, when not fatal, can have outcomes that range from disfigurement to paralysis. Often this leaves the victim with astronomically expensive lifelong care, and cripples their loved ones’ earning potential, as they are forced to sacrifice work hours to care for the injured party. Accidents however happen in other forms also and in severe car accidents for example a Charlotte car accident lawyer may help.

An experienced attorney will understand exactly how difficult this can be. If you have survived such a traumatic injury or loss, you should not have to face the outcome alone and be unable to pay.

Charlotte pedestrian accident attorneys are fierce advocates who will give your case the careful attention it deserves. They are compassionate with clients and aggressive in pursuing justice.