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A head-on collision is when two vehicles meet nose-to-nose or front-end-to-front-end. Typically, this happens because someone is not traveling in the appropriate lane or driving in the direction of travel, however, it can also occur at intersections. Head-on collisions, in particular, can be more serious than other car accidents due to the speed that the vehicles may be going just before the collision. The injuries that can result from a head-on collision in Raleigh can be very serious and can ultimately be life-changing for both the injured person as well as their loved ones.

For this reason, it is crucial that a person injured in a head-on collision in Raleigh contacts a Raleigh car accident lawyer right away. A Raleigh head-on collision lawyer can use their experience in similar cases as well as their knowledge of the Raleigh area to prepare a strong case and to fight for the compensation that the injured person deserves. An experienced lawyer can understand that although no amount of money can undo the damage done in the collision, compensation can help make life easier by covering expensive medical bills that the injured person may acquire on their road to recovery. Additionally, a head-on collision attorney in Raleigh can help a person navigate the legal process ahead of them in a way that eases the complexities and frustrations of pursuing a claim, allowing them the time and energy to focus on recuperating.

Determining Liability

Fault in a head-on collision case varies from case to case because there may be different traveling directions, a red light, or stop sign at issue, but determining who is at fault is very fact specific in these types of collisions. Contributory negligence can completely reshape a case, because if the injured person had contributed to the collision, then the party that would have been considered at-fault is no longer fully liable for the collision.

Potential factors that can impact liability or contributory negligence in head-on collision cases depend on the nature of the accident. For example, if the impact occurred at an intersection, it is important to determine who had the green, yellow, or red light, which varies when determining fault. Every detail of the case is significant, however, because in North Carolina, which is a contributory negligence state, if the injured individual is found to be even just one percent at fault, they may not be able to recover any damages.

A Raleigh head-on collision lawyer can investigate the circumstances of the collision in order to determine what exactly happened and where liability lies.

Following-Up With a Doctor

Head-on collisions are very dangerous because the physics of the impact may be greater due to the speed of the vehicles prior to the collision. Safety features such as airbags, restraint systems, and antilock brakes can mitigate damages, however, serious injuries can still result from these types of impacts.

Therefore, it is important that the injured person follows up with their doctor because they do not want to create any type of gap in treatment. Any gap in treatment will be argued by the insurance company to devalue the person’s claim.

Additionally, it is important that they follow-up with their doctor to make sure that they recover from their injuries in a timely manner. The injured person should take personal responsibility for their recovery.

How an Attorney Can Help

A Raleigh head-on collision attorney can interview the investigating police officer as well as any witnesses and drivers available. In serious cases, an attorney may hire an accident reconstructionist, who is an expert engineer, to help them determine who is at fault and provide testimony based on measurement and downloads of the different vehicle software information to explain their opinions about who is at fault. For this reason, it is important to have a Raleigh head-on collision lawyer, who knows how these experts can help in a case.

A lawyer can also review all of the medical records related to the medical injuries from the accident, and then present those records to the insurance company to try to resolve the claim. If the insurance company is unwilling to resolve and settle the claim, then a head-on collision lawyer in Raleigh can file a lawsuit to recover damages.