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When handed an unfavorable decision after you have filed a compensation claim following a car accident, you are most likely going to feel frustrated and disheartened. However, there is still an opportunity for you to challenge the court’s ruling through an appeal.

If you are planning to enter into the process of appealing a car accident case in Charlotte, get in touch with a skilled attorney today. A lawyer could help you find any errors or inconsistencies that may have resulted in the court’s first decision, allowing you to potentially file a successful appeal.

Could Someone Appeal a Case if it is Dismissed?

If a case was dismissed or if the verdict was not optimal, a plaintiff needs to discuss an appeal with the attorney. If the attorney thinks there is an appealable issue that the judge made a mistake, and both the plaintiff and the attorney come to an agreement on any new fees, then a notice of appeal would be filed within 30 days of the order.

Would an Appeal Affect a Damage Award?

An appeal would not affect the amount of damages a plaintiff could receive should they win the appeal. Any award that comes afterwards may have an interest factor on it. If it takes longer to resolve, the court will still try to make the plaintiff whole. There are some more costs involved with the appeal which could potentially affect the net for the plaintiff.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Filing an Appeal

Appeals often take time to resolve. There have been cases where an appeal has been resolved in a year, but in other cases, the process of an appeal may take a couple years to work out. In addition, when someone files an appeal, they can no longer file an appeal if they are given an unfavorable result.

Plaintiffs should also try their best to follow advice of their attorney and understand that they have to put it outside of their head as far as when it would result in a decision, because the wheel of justice moves very slowly.

Benefits of Retaining Legal Assistance

When attempting to appeal a car accident case, it is vital that your hire an attorney for professional help. If there is a mistake in the law, the judge made a mistake during the trial, or the issues involved are something that the lawyer believes they could help change, an attorney could use their years of experience to help you obtain a favorable result. For more information regarding the process of appeal a Charlotte car accident case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.