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Sometimes you stop at the red traffic light, but the driver behind you did not. In an instant, your well-conditioned vehicle now has unsightly and potentially expensive damage to its rear-end. After the crash, you are left alone to figure out how to get your car fixed, without going into your own pocket or paying your deductible.

To repair the rear-end damage caused by someone else’s inattentiveness behind the wheel, you may need a Charlotte rear-end car accident lawyer to give you insurance options and protect your property rights. Call today and set up a consultation with an experienced car collision attorney.

Types of Rear-End Car Damage

Considerable impact between two vehicles can cause significant property damage. In the case of a rear-end collision, a vehicle can result in:

  • A pushed up trunk door
  • Problems opening and closing the trunk
  • Missing taillights
  • A damaged license plate and holder
  • A crunched or missing rear bumper

If the damage is over $350.00, an estimate of the rear-end vehicle damage by a body shop will provide the individual with the dollar amount these and other types of damages will cost to repair, per North Carolina Section 20-354.3(a). With the estimate in hand, they will know how much it will cost to repair the rear-end damage, but may not exactly know how to pay for it. However, a Charlotte rear-end car accident attorney could help them pay for it by filing a claim against the negligent driver.

Payment Options for Collisions in Charlotte

If the driver has collision coverage, they have the option to pay their deductible in order to have their vehicle repaired through their own insurance company. This is usually not the preferred option as collision deductibles can range, based upon their own policy, upwards from $250.

This option is also unpopular as it places a claim against a person’s own policy, as opposed to the adverse driver’s policy. A Charlotte rear-end car accident lawyer could offer counsel on what their particular options are and which option benefits them situation the most.

Causes of Rear-End Car Accidents

Rear-end vehicle damage can result from a variety of driving scenarios, including:

  • Texting while driving
  • Following too closely
  • Driving above the posted speed limit

Any driver of a vehicle who commits the actions listed above and causes a crash can be held responsible for violating a traffic law. It is unlawful to read text messages and/or type on an electronic device per North Carolina Statute 20-137.4A. Drivers in North Carolina have a duty not follow other vehicles too closely pursuant to North Carolina Section 20-152.

Lastly, speeding, a more obvious traffic law, is illegal under North Carolina Statute 20-141. No matter which type of collision caused the damage to the rear of a person’s vehicle, a Charlotte rear-end car accident lawyer could represent them in their efforts to have it repaired, at the expense of the at-fault driver.

Consult with a Charlotte Rear-End Car Accident Attorney

When you need insight into how to protect your insurance claim record, how to prove the rear-end damage to your vehicle was not your fault, and advice on how to pay for repairs, you need someone who is able to listen to your situation and offer competent legal advice. Contact a Charlotte rear-end accident lawyer today to concentrate a plan to hold the inattentive driver responsible for your rear-end vehicle damages and get advice on your insurance options for payment of your vehicle repairs.